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December 20, 2012
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Prussia was on a mission; a private mission of the utmost important and not a thing was going to stop him from achieving his ultimate goal. He made his way quietly through his house, ducking and hiding to avoid "compromisation" whenever he saw a shadow pass by or heard what even remotely sounded like footsteps. He swore nothing was getting in his way and he meant it.
He poked his head past a corner and then smirked. “Target acquired.” He muttered under his breath. He walked on his tip toes as quietly as possible until he saw his target move. He panicked and ducked behind the wall again. After a few moments, he poked his head back out again. “Good.” He breathed when he was sure it was still there. He got down on his stomach and crawled on the floor the rest of the way, sure he would stay out of sight this way.
Once finally at his destined location, he looked over his target and picked up his hand.
“Don't even think about it.” You groaned in your apparent sleep. Prussia frowned. “But frau~!” He whined. You forced your eyes open and glared at him with it. “Gilbert, for the last time, you canNOT poke my stomach.” He'd been trying to since you first found out about your “little bun in the oven” several months ago, but you found it uncomfortable and annoying...then again, you found a lot of things he did that way.
“Just once. Bitte? I just want to touch it. I mean, you won't let me touch any other part of you or poke you in any other way anymore.”
You blushed and covered your face with a pillow from the couch you were supposed to be napping on. “Why do you always have to say dirty things?”
Prussia chuckled. “I never said I meant it in a dirty way. You're the one that thought of it that way. Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter for once.”
You took the pillow off of your face and hit him with it. “Jerk.” You grumbled. “Aw come on. I was only joking.” He laughed, holding his arms up, shielding his face from being hit again. You pouted and turned away. Prussia didn't stop smiling. He lowered his arms and then wrapped one around your waist and kissed your cheek. “Aw, stop being so pouty, even if your pouty face looks cute.”
“I'm not cute.” You mumbled, trying your best not to seem amused by him. “Ja, you are. So cute and chubby.”
“I'm not chubby.”
“Ja, you are! Look at you!” He pinched your chubby cheek and pulled it a little. “Gil, stop~!”
“Nien!” He pinched your cheek again then turned you over and pinched them both. You did your best to frown. “Gil, if you don't stop it, I will...” He released your cheeks and kissed you. “You'll what?”
You pouted more and then sighed. There was just no winning with him. “You're so lucky I love you.”
“Love you too, Preggie.”
You hit him with your pillow again. “Shut up, Gil.”
As soon as you were asleep again, Prussia brought you to your bed and pulled the blankets over you. He pecked your cheek and quietly walked out, making sure the room door didn't slam behind him.
Right after his phone rang.
Prussia: You got the almighty awesomeness. What do you want?
Spain: Hey, Gil! It's Tony! Think you can sneak away for a drink?
Prussia: Ja! Totally!
He quieted himself, checked in to make sure you were still asleep, then closed the room door again and continued talking in a more hushed tone.
Prussia: I'll be there in a bit, meet you at the usual place.
You poked only your head around the corner leading down the narrow hall of the bedroom you were allowed to stay in for a small fee at your friend, Germany's, house. There was nothing but the floor, walls and doors. Good. You turned back around and let out a small sigh. Just a few more feet until you made it into your bedroom, where you could hide out the rest of the day. But, just your luck, as you rounded the corner, you bumped into the very thing you were avoiding, the albino Prussian with the silvery hair, the red eyes and the ego the size of Texas.
“G-Gilbert...hey...” You smiled awkwardly.
“Hey, mein sexy frau!” He grinned. He pushed you against the wall and made sure both of his arms were on either side of you, keeping you from escaping. His grin turned into a smirk, the one you knew all too well. “So, frau, where are you sneaking off to? The bedroom, perhaps?” You felt your face flush some. “I could escort you if you like.” He continued.
“Uh, gee, Gil, that'd be great, but um I think I left the uh thing in”
Gilbert frowned. “(Name), what's wrong with you? We haven't spent a single second together as a couple for weeks. You never want to hang out, you always make up some excuse to leave whenever I come around and I'm pretty sure you've been trying to avoid me. What's the deal?”
“Gil, I...”
“Do you want to break up?”
“No! Of course not! I just...”
“Just what, then? Tell me!”
“I'm pregnant!” You felt a sudden burst a fear and sadness come over you. You whimpered and warm tears rolled down your cheeks. Gilbert pulled back some from surprise, just enough for you to slip under his arm and run to your room and slammed the door. You jumped onto your bed, grabbed your pillow and cried into it.
You ignored the sound of the door opening and a weight causing your bed to shift and you to roll just a tiny bit. “So, you're pregnant huh? That explains a lot.” He said. You thought he meant about you avoiding him but... “I mean, I didn't want to say anything, but you were kinda gaining a few pounds.”
You took your pillow and hit him with it. “Gil?!”
He laughed. “What?! It's true!” You hit him again. “Stop it! Can you please be serious?!” You shouted.
“Well, excuse me for being happy for us!” He grabbed you and pulled you into his arms. “Besides, being serious sucks most the time.” You leaned your head against his chest. “You always take things so lightly. You don't even seem shocked about this or anything.”
“Oh, come on (Name), you're acting like we didn't know this would happen eventually. I mean, have you even met me?!”
You couldn't help, but laugh at him. “Yea.” You smiled up at him, wiping the tears from your eyes. Prussia happily kissed the rest away. “Better.”

Knocking at your door woke you from your sleep. You groaned and got up to answer it. What did you find waiting for you? An all too familiar sight; Germany had Prussia over his shoulder and looked none too pleased. “I believe this belongs to you.”
“Does it have to right now?”
“What~?! *hic* (Name)!” Prussia struggled to get out of Germany's grip. “Stop or I'm going to drop you.” Germany warned (and you'd let him too). He put Prussia on to his feet and tried to help him stay up.
“Gil, I'm not dealing with you unless you're sober.” You stated.
“I am so sober.” He stumbled around, hitting his head against the wall and falling on a table, breaking it. “I meant to do that...”
You sighed. “ mind?”
Germany grabbed Prussia and pulled him away into the house. The sound of rushing shower water filled the house and then where over powered by a very upset Prussian. “What the hell, West?!”
You laughed. The water stopped and Germany walked out. “He's all yours now.” Then he left. Prussia came out moments later, dripping wet. “This isn't funny.”
“Yea, it is. Now go dry yourself off. You’re tracking water everywhere.”
“Hm...” Prussia smirked and opened his arms. “Not without a hug, frau.”
You stopped laughing. “Don't you dare.”
He came closer and, before you could run away, pulled you into a tight hug. “Gil, let go!”
“Come on! You're getting me all wet!”
“Don't I always?”
After drying off and getting dressed, you and Prussia sat on the couch with a blanket over you to get warm. Prussia had his head on your stomach and was gently rubbing it, while you had your hand on his head. All was calm until...
“OW!” Prussia pulled his head back. “Something hit me!”
“Gil, that was just the baby kicking. It means that it should be coming soon.”
“That's some kick it's got. It didn't hurt?”
“A little. Ooh~!” Another hard kick. “Seems like someone's getting a bit impatient being in there.” Prussia poked your stomach. “Hey, you wanna come out, just do it already.” He said. Your eyes widened a bit as you felt a warm liquid roll down your legs. “Darnit, Gil...”
Within the hour, you were lying in a hospital bed, Prussia holding your hand and softly kissing your cheek and rubbing your head. Hours of pain later, and Prussia was cradling your little bundle of joy in his arms.
“Now we just need a name for your baby and then we will let you be for a while.” A nurse said. Prussia looked at you. “Why don't you have the honors, (Name)?”
You sent him a tired smile. “Hm. Let me think...”
My goodness. Did I finally get a requeast done? It's a holiday miracle!
As with Little Hero, the baby's name, gender and appearance are all yours to come up with.
Requested by :iconfreya-chii: complete with much Prussian awesomeness and pervertedness.
Requests are currently closed for the moment, but will be re-opened as soon as I get through the ones I have. Current number, 3; England, Latvia and South Korea, in that order. Since S. Korea is meant to be a holiday one, I will TRY to get all three out this month.
Hetalia, Prussia and image © :iconhimaruyaplz:
Story © Me
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Mexico: The gender is boy, has red eyes and dark brown hair, and we shall name it Antonio after mi hermano!
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