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November 3, 2012
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Sakura hirahira maiorite ochite
Yureru omoi no take wo dakishimeta
Kimi to haru ni negai shi ano yume wa
Ima mo miete iru yo sakura maichiru

The cherry blossoms fell, fluttering down
Embracing every bit of my fluttering love
Even now, I’m dreaming the dream I prayed for with you that spring
The cherry blossoms scatter

You sat on the white, wooden bench, waiting for the train. It was warm outside. Bright Cherry blossoms were being carried by the breeze. It was a perfect spring day, but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile. You couldn’t. You hadn’t in years. One small cherry blossom leaf blew past you and you caught it in your hand. As you looked down at the pin petal, you thought to the days when you could.

You sat on the single swing attached to the large cherry blossom tree. That day, too, was warm and bright and just perfect. A wide smile was on your face as you stayed in a simple, comfortable position.  Sitting at the base of the tree in front of you was Kiku Honda, the man you had loved. In his hands were a sketchpad and a pencil. He looked up from time to time to make sure he had each detail right. You tried not to move, so he wouldn’t mess up, but excitement bubble inside you. You wanted to see his drawing. He was so skilled at drawing and this was your first time being a model for anything.
Kiku finished his picture and allowed you to relax. You let out a deep sigh before smiling and sitting next to him. You looked over the picture. It was gorgeous. Not because it was, but because he drew it.
Your hair swished delicately in the wind, your eyes sparkled in the sun and cherry blossoms were all around you. How you loved them. How you loved him.
“Kiku?” You said quietly.
“Yes?” His voice was naturally soft.
“Can I share a secret wish with you?”
“Of course.”
“When we get older, I...” You rested your head on his shoulder. He flinched a bit, but let you stay there, gently brushing the hair out of your face. You continued. “When we get older, I want be with you...forever. I love you, Kiku.”
Kiku was silent. You took that as rejection, that he didn’t feel the same way. You started to cry, but stopped when you heard him speak. “(Name)...I love you, too. One day, I will marry you.” He picked your head up and gently kissed you. You kissed back. “Kiku...”
A cherry blossom flew past you and you caught it in your hand. You smiled. “I wish for that.” You said before blowing the cherry blossom and letting it back into the wind.

You clutched the cherry blossom, careful not to damage the fragile flower. “I still have that wish.” You cried into your hand.”

Densha kara mieta no wa
Itsuka no omokage
Futari de kayotta haru no oohashi
Sotsugyou no toki ga kite
Kimi wa machi wo deta
Irozuku kawabe ni ano hi wo sagasu no

From the train I could see
The traces of one day
The big bridge we crossed together
Graduation came time
And you left town
On the colorful riverbank, I searched for that day

The train arrived and you let the cherry blossom fly again. You stood and boarded it, picking the most secluded spot you could. It was quiet. Very few people were in this area in the far back. You listened to the train rattle against the rails with your head against the window. When you looked out, you could see it. The bridge that you and Kiku had crossed together. That was the last time you saw him. It as years go, but you remembered it as if it had happened only a few minutes ago.

Night time. Cloudless. Cool. Neither you nor Kiku smiled. Your hands were interlocked, holding on as if for dear life. You sniffled and dried your eye with the sleeve of your graduation gown. Graduation as supposed to be one of the happiest days of a person’s life. But you for and for Kiku, it was probably the wort thing to ever happen. You knew long before hand that Kiku had planned to leave after high school. He was going far away and you couldn’t go with him. No matter how much you two had in common, your plans for the future just didn’t totally match up. You had been accepted to different colleges. You were staying in Tokyo, but he was going elsewhere. He wouldn’t tell you. Said he would let fate decided if you were to see each other again.
“I still love you.” You both said at the same time.

“I still love you, Kiku.”

Sorezone no michi wo erabi
Futari was haru wo oeta
Sakihokoru mirai wa
Atashi wo aserasete
Odkyuusen no mado ni
Kotoshi mo sakura ga utsuru
Kimi no koe ga kono mune ni
Kikoete kuru yo

We went our separte ways
And brought our spring to an end
My future is in full bloom
But it fills me with panic
This year, the cherry blossoms reflected
in the window of the Odakyuu train
In my heart
I hear your voice

You cursed the cherry blossoms for bringing back such hunting memories. You thought of Kiku daily. You cried for him, but not as much as today. It never broke your heart as much as it did today.
Now, you had to thank them. The thought occurred to you. Had they not reminded you, you might have forgotten. Might have moved on. Let yourself forget the one person who ever brought you true happiness. You were growing up without him and you feared a future without him, too.
You remembered the rest of that day.

The end of the bridge. Your homes were on different ends of the street. He kissed away the tears on your cheeks, but more quickly took their places. One last hug. “Never forget me, ok?” You tried to steady your voice, but it didn’t work. “I promise.” He whispered. You release each other, regretting doing so almost immediately. You looked at each other in the eye for what felt like forever, engraving each other’s into your heart, for that would be the last you saw of each other since.
The next day, he was gone, but he left his sketchpad with most of the pictures he had drawn of you, like one of you in a wedding dress and him in a suit, standing in front of the alter. Kissing and happy. Cherry blossoms everywhere.

Face burning, you pulled out the familiar picture, wanting to see it again. Most of the others had been lost or were simply at your house – you could never call it “home” because “home is where the heart is” and your “heart” was with Kiku; somewhere in the world – but you had held onto this one carefully You had it laminated, to protect it. You hugged it to your chest. “Never forget me.” You cried to yourself over and over again, cradling the picture as if it were your own child.

Sakura hirahira maiorite ochite
Yureru omoi no take wo dakishimeta
Kimi to haru ni negai shi ano yume wa
Ima mo miete iru yo sakura maichiru

The cherry blossoms fell, fluttering down
Embracing every bit of my fluttering love
Even now, I’m dreaming the dream I prayed for with you that spring
The cherry blossoms scatter

Your crying was reduced to sniffles and sobs. You pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil and rested them against your lap. You didn’t know where he was, but you would find him. You started to write.

Kaki keta tegami ni wa
"Genkoi de iru yo" to
Chiisa na uso wa misukasareru ne
Meguriyuku kono machi mo
Haru wo ueirete
kotoshi mo ano hana ga tsubomi wo hiraku

The start of my letter to you
Says “I’m doing OK”
You’ll see through that little lie, won’t you?
Even the town going past
Is taking in the spring
The flowers re opening their buds again this year

You looked at your letter and sighed. Looking at the town passing by, you saw cherry blossoms floating everywhere. Other Spring flowers started to bloom, just like every year. You turned back to the paper and continued.

Kimi ga inai hibiwo koete
Atashi mo otona ni natte iku
Kouyatte subete wasurete iku no kana
"Hontou ni suki dattan da"
Sakura ni te wo nobasu
Kono omoi ga ima haru ni tsutsumarete iku yo

I’ll get through these days without you
And I, too, will grow up
Will I forget everything?
“I really loved you”
I hold out my hand to the cherry blossoms
Now my love is wrapped with the Spring

You cried as a sudden thought appeared. As time went on, and you grew up, would you forget him? Could you? Is it possible? You held onto him for so long, but you had just admitted that you did not cry as much for him before as you had now.
You scribbled onto the paper the words “I really loved you”, paying close attention to the word “loved”. You still loved him and you never wanted to let that go. Never. You looked out to the cherry blossoms. Your love was with the Spring; with the cherry blossoms. As long as the survived and continued to show up again and again in the spring, you would love him.

Sakura hirahira maiorite ochite
Yureru omoi no take wo dakiyoseta
Kimi ga kureshi tsuyoki ano kotoba wa
Ima mo mune ni nokoru sakura maiyuku

The cherry blossoms fell, fluttering down
Embracing every bit of my fluttering love
Even now, the strong words you gave me
Remain in my heart; the cherry blossoms dance

“One day, I will marry you.”  His words were still fresh in your mind. You held them dearly to your heart. “I promise.” He said to you and he never broke a promise to you. His promise was to never forget you and you wouldn’t forget him. Even after all the years, his words hit you. They kept you tied to him and to the cherry blossoms. You could hear his air, amidst the chatter of the others on the train. “I love you.”

Sakura hirahira maiorite ochite
Yureru omoi no take wo dakishimeta
Tooki haru ni yume mi shi ano hibi wa
Sora ni kiete iku yo

The cherry blossoms fell, fluttering down
Embracing every bit of my fluttering love
Those days I dreamed of on that distant spring day
Disappear into the sky

You looked out the window again. It was getting dark, now, but the cherry blossoms still glided in the wind. You thought back to your past dreams.

You stood on the long bridge, alone. Kiku was long gone, and so were your dreams of being with Kiku forever. Had things gone the way you had wished, you would have been his wife. Maybe, there would have been a child with you, too; young, taking mostly after its father, but with some of your traits, too. Kiku would kiss you and tell you he loved you every day. You would have kissed him back and rushed him off to work before going to do work of you own.

As it got darker, you felt yourself slipping. Not into death, but into a more quiet place where you could live out your dreams until someone shook you back to reality, telling you it was time to get off the train (if anyone noticed you in order to do so).
Sakura hirahira maiorite ochite
Haru no sono mukou e to aruki dasu
Kimi to haru ni chikai shi kono yume wo tsuyoku
Mune ni daite sakura maichiru

The cherry blossoms fall, fluttering down
And I walk out into the spring
I clutch the dream I promised you that spring
Tightly to my chest; the cherry blossoms dance

The sun was nearly gone. You held the letter and picture close to your chest, and held the one wish you ever made close to your heart. You would be together again. You wished it and were willing to do whatever it took to make it come true. You rested your head against the window again and closed your eyes. “I love you, Kiku.” You yawned before finally going under.

**Extended Ending**
Kiki smiled softly as he watched you sleep. Yes, he had been listening and watching the whole time. He could tell it was you from the station, but feared how you would react after to seeing him after so long. He thought you would be mad or ask him why he never called. He was afraid, but he didn’t want to admit that to you.
He rose from his seat and walked to the empty one next to you. He wrapped his arms around you and brought you to lay your head on his lap. He gently stroked your hair as you slept. Leaning down, he kissed your forehead before whispering. “I love you, too, (Name).”
I never cry...well, almost never. Writing this...I choked up. I listened to that song on repeat till I was done. I had to stop to wipe my eyes. You don't even have to know what she's saying to feel sad. I didn't the first time I heard it. Now, cry. Cry you! Or look me in the eye and tell me you didn't.
What happens next is your choice.
Hetalia and Preview Image © :iconhimaruyaplz:
Song © Ikimono Gakari
Story © :iconislanddreams:
You © :iconyayjapanplz:
Everyone Else © :iconyayrussiaplz:
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